*Please contact Beth on 07443938451 or regarding prices

Full groom

-A relaxing bath in Milly's natural shampoo and gentle blow dry

-Deshedding/ brush and comb through

-Nail clipping

-Ear cleaning and plucking 

-Coat styling

-Hand stripping (silky coats only)

-Tick removal

Bath, brush, ear cleaning and nail trim (OPTIONAL: Feet and face tidy/ feet and ears tidy)

This service may include a tidy of the tail and sanitary areas. Highly recommend for inbetween full groom appointments to help keep your pup looking and feeling fresh! This is also perfect for owners who may struggle with keeping ontop of knots and tangles.

*Nail trim- £5

*Ear cleaning- £2
*Plucking-£4 (this involves removing hair from inside the ear canal which can get matted and clog the ear overtime. This service will only be carried out as long as there are no medical problems with the ear and your dog shows no signs of stress or discomfort) 

*Clean and pluck- £5

Collar wash and dry

This also includes harnesses, leads, haltis, muzzles etc.

Basic Health Check

-FREE and included in all services.
-A health check will be carried out at the start of the appointment. The following will be checked and you will receive feedback upon collection: behaviour, body condition, eyes, ears, nose, tail, sanitary areas, mouth & teeth, skin & coat, paws & claws. 

Coat maintenance lesson: £10

Are you struggling to keep on top of your dog's coat at home inbetween grooming appointments? Not sure what tools are best suited to your dog's coat type? Then this coat maintenance lesson will be for you! Lasting anywhere between 30 mins-1 hour, I will teach you in this 1-1 lesson what tools are best suited to your dog's coat type, how often and when you should be brushing and combing your dog, distraction techniques and training tips on helping your dog to learn to enjoy being groomed at home, problem areas that are often missed at home, how to spot matting and to see if it can be removed safely at home and the line brushing technique to help remove loose undercoat, dirt, debris and knotts. At the end of the lesson I will present you with a list on the info we have covered in the lesson including a silhouette of your dog's breed and areas labelled with a checklist that require brushing and combing to help you. There are also videos on the Riverview Dog Grooming youtube page that may help you with coat maintenance at home which you can find at the bottom of the HOME page on this website. Please contact me on 07443938451 to book your lesson appointment!

Natural Spa Treatments

Blueberry Facial-Add £5 to your groom! Your dog will enjoy a lovely blueberry facial scrub with a 5 minute head and facial massage while the blueberry facial helps to relax your pup and aid in removing tear and beard staining.

Nose balm- Add £1 to your groom! This organic, vegan, vet recommended nose balm is great for dry, cracked and crusty noses!


Paw pad balm- Add £2 to your groom! This organic and vegan paw pad balm is designed to help heal dry and cracked paw pads. 


Paw pad protector balm- Add £2 to your groom! Alternatively you can choose to have pad protector balm which helps protect sensitive paws against hot and cold surfaces during the harsh winter and summer months, including sand, hot pavements, snow and ice.

Wrinkle balm- Add £2 to your groom! Perfect for breeds with wrinkles such as pugs, boxers, shih tzus and bulldogs! This organic and vegan balm will be massaged into the wrinkles, soothing and healing the folds.

Paw Sani Scrub- Add £4 to your groom! Treat your pup to a 5 minute foot scrub which helps to fight fungus, bacteria and yeast in the paws while cleaning and softening them and conditioning the nails.

Nagayu Co2 Spa Bath- Add £5 to your groom! Does your dog suffer with hot, itchy, dry, flaky skin, hotspots, skin allergies, bald patches or other skin conditions? Nagayu combines Co2 and water together to help speed up the healing process of skin conditions in a 3-5 minute rinse.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning with electronic emmi-pet toothbrush

*Please note I will need to assess the condition of your dog's mouth, teeth and gums before I can proceed with this service

Deep teeth cleaning (12mm) helping to prevent dental issues such as tar build up, gingivitis, bad breath and tooth loss! Also helps to remove stubborn plaque already existing on your pets teeth. The tooth brush is held on each tooth for a maximum of 30 seconds then the tar is gently picked off. No vibration, soundless and motionless; perfect for the most nervous of pups! £10 per session. If tar is particularly thick on the teeth then it may require a couple of sessions to completely remove the plaque

Puppy introduction- Grooming is an essential part of your dog's life. It's very important for your dog to learn from a very early age that grooming is a pleasant experience as it can set you up for a confident dog with grooming in the future . Its a wonderful bonding experience between puppy and groomer and brushing your puppy at home will also be a bonding experience for you both too. I would recommend bringing your puppy in a week after having their final puppy vaccinations for their very first session with me (this is usually around 12-14 weeks of age).


The first session I would recommend bringing your puppy to meet me at the salon, let them have a good sniff around exploring. Sniffing is an important part of how a dog picks up information of their surroundings so it's important to let your puppy explore the salon on their first visit.  I will give them puppy safe treats and will have some toys for them to play with. This will give your puppy a positive experience in which they will remember at their next appointment.


Their next session will consist of a bath, blow dry, nail trim and ear cleaning, possibly introducing the sounds of the clippers and scissors if puppy is happy. Regular playtime and toilet breaks will be included at each session so puppy isn't too bored and finding it too stressful and feedback will be given upon collection on puppy's behaviour and how we can improve at home inbetween appointments. If puppy was happy at the previous session then next session will include the same services as before but will also introduce trimming with scissors around the face, head, ears and feet as well as clipping the sanitary areas and around the toepads.


If puppy has coped ok with these 2 sessions then we can move on to having their very first haircut as their next appointment. If puppy still isn't happy with certain aspects of the groom then we will book some more sessions to work on desensitising them to these areas before having their first haircut. Prices will vary depending on breed (if cross breed then prices will vary depending on mix, coat condition and size)

Creative Grooming- FREE! Add a bit of colour to your dog with this creative blow pen and chalk art! You can either choose the stencil, colour and area on your dog of where you'd like the colour to go or allow me to decide! 100% pet safe, comes straight off with water.

Hand Stripping

This service is only available to wire haired and silky breeds such as terriers and spaniels. Hand stripping is a skill which involves removing the dead top coat by hand or stripping knife to reveal a new soft undercoat on terriers and using a banded comb on spaniels. The process is painless to the dog with advantages over clipping the coat including preserving the coat colour and texture. To successfully hand strip your wire coat dog, you will need to come in once every 3-6 months as the coat should be blown by this time (meaning the top coat is dead and ready to be pulled out). The process will take around 3+ hours depending on how much coat your dog has as well as behaviour. Your dog's coat will be assessed before hand stripping to see if the coat is ready to come out or if it can be hand stripped at all. If it is not then I can just carry out a bath and nail trim with a face, feet and sanitary trim for the time being and you will be booked in for a months time to give the coat time to grow more. Please note I will not bath your dog after hand stripping as the skin pores will be open to bacteria and can cause Post Grooming Furunculosis which is a painful skin infection. I can offer you a free bath for 2 weeks after handstripping as the skin pores will be fully closed by this time. In the space between hand stripping and the bath, please do not put any powders or sprays on your dog or allow them to go swimming in rivers, lakes etc as their skin pores will still be open to bacteria and infection in this time. You will be given an information sheet after your first hand strip with Riverview. If you would prefer your dog's coat to have layers (a rolled coat), you will need to bring them in once every 4 weeks so only the longest hairs will be pulled from the jacket. For silky coats, I would recommend visiting every 6-8 weeks. Bathing can still be carried out at the same appointment and should take around 2 1/2-3 hours.

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