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*Landseer Lake Antiques- Wick, Bristol.
Run by my parents Julie & James Sayer

* Tamilla Photography- Wick, Bristol. 

Run by Tamilla Haycock (can also be found on instagram under @tamillaphotography)

*Simply Dogs dog walking and home boarding-Kingswood, Bristol.
Run by Cath Bishop.

* Kat Clarke Human & Animal physiotherapist- Bristol.

*Chapel Farm canine hydrotherapy and physiotherapy-Pensford, Bristol

*Ruff Hounds dog training and yoga,

Barket Place and connect with your dog facebook groups-Chipping Sodbury

Run by Caroline Wilkinson

*Scentwork classes run by Kerry/ Sniffa Skool- Chippenham

*Dorwest Herbs natural tablets for your dog's health and wellbeing

*Paleo Ridge Raw dog food

*JR Pet Products natural chews and food