COVID-19 Policy

Since the restrictions of the UK 2020 Spring-Summer lockdown have been lifted to allow small businesses to reopen, Riverview Dog Grooming and it’s clients will be adopting new protocols to abide by social distancing rules and guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.


-To be able to maintain cleaning standards I may only be able to groom 2-3 dogs a day so I have time to deep clean the salon in between dogs. This will cause prolonged waiting times in the diary for an appointment however if I feel I have time after cleaning to book another client in, I will contact you. I may be able to pass on other groomer's details if they have spaces available if you’re unable to wait. I can add you to my cancellation list if necessary. The salon will be thoroughly deep cleaned and equipment sterilised and disinfected on the night before the first appointment is due the next day and inbetween appointments.

-Clients will no longer be allowed to enter the salon unless needed for lifting large/ giant breeds into the bath or for dogs which require their owner's to be present through out the groom (if this is the case please ensure you wear masks and gloves, maintain 2 metres between us both and use hand sanitiser when necessary. Only one person from the household is allowed to enter the salon). A cage will be placed outside the salon door for you to place your dog into on arrival (if your dog is a large/ giant breed and refuses to go inside the cage, please make sure the wooden gate is closed behind you and let your dog off lead. I will call them over to me with treats from the salon door while you remain by the wooden gate).


- Please close the wooden gate behind you to prevent your dog escaping back onto the road. Although your dog will be secure in the cage and will only be in there for a couple of minutes, this is for extra safety and precaution (all handles will be wiped down with anti bacterial wipes after each use). There will be hand sanitiser next to the cage for you to clean your hands if you need to. Please remove your dogs collar/harness/leads etc once in cage on arrival and take them home with you and disinfect them before collecting your dog or bring spare clean pairs with you. I will use my own slip leads to remove your dog from the cage. The cage will be cleaned after each use and clean towels will be changed in the cage. All slip leads will be placed in the wash after use.

-I will be wearing my own PPE which will include a face visor, disposable gloves and a washable waterproof apron. The gloves will be changed to clean pairs after each arrival and collection and both the visor and apron will be wiped down and disinfected after each use. Please make sure you wear a mask and/or gloves before approaching the salon for your own safety. Please make sure you keep at least 2 metres distance between myself and yourself. Please make sure you are on time to your appointment as timings have been set to allow cleaning of the salon inbetween appointments. Dogs from the same household can still be groomed together.

-All grooming information will be discussed on arrival. Please note if your dog is matted and requires a shave down, you will be sent a matted coat shave down agreement via text message or email for you to read, sign and submit back to me. If you refuse to allow me to shave the coat off or sign the agreement then grooming will come to an immediate stop and you will need to collect your dog asap as Riverview Dog Grooming reserves the right to refuse service. Please see the matted coat shave down agreement under 'TERMS AND CONDITIONS' at If your dog has had any new health conditions or operations, please make sure you disclose this with me before your appointment so I can send you a health agreement via text message or email for you to read, sign and submit back to me. Again if you refuse to sign the agreement, Riverview Dog Grooming reserves the right to refuse service. If I feel your dog will be at risk due to the health conditions, the appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled to a later date when your dog is in better health. 

-Your dog will be bathed immediately on arrival to help reduce the risk of transmission of the virus from your dog's coat. All grooming procedures will be carried out as normal from then onwards. If your dog requires more than one grooming session then I shall wipe over their coats with a hypoallergenic wipe after the bathing appointment to prevent washing the natural oils from the coat.


-Please make sure all of your contact info is up to date. I will call or text message you once your dog is ready for collection. Please be aware that your appointment may take longer than usual due to the extra cleaning involved.

-On collection your dog will be placed back in the cage once you have arrived (the wooden gate will still be closed so please call or message me to let me know you have arrived). They will stay inside the salon til then. Please wait until I call, message or shout to you that it is safe to enter and collect your dog.


-Payments will only be taken via BACS/ bank transfer (I will send you my account details on the day of the appointment) or contactless card payment and next appointments will be made over the phone (the card machine will be wiped over with an anti bacterial wipe after each use).


-Please limit to one person each appointment. If you are showing any symptoms of the virus, have someone in your household who is showing symptoms, either of you have been diagnosed with and/ or are still recovering from the virus, please cancel the appointment! We will make one at a later date when you or your household member is fully recovered.


-Due to costs of PPE and disinfectant and cleaning products, an additional £3 will be added to the cost of your normal grooming price per dog to help cover these costs. This will be temporary until the lockdown restrictions have been completely 100% lifted and the cost will return to your normal grooming price. Normal terms and conditions still apply.


Thank you for your patience and supporting my little business.

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